Living the Good Life

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By Gale Bates, Corporate Trainer & Mentor

How many lives can you live? I was just turning 50 when I first heard about Direct Sales. I had already lived and worked in 4 different countries. I owned a very successful manufacturing and retail business and had my first children’s book published.

At 50, as I emerged into the world of Direct Sales I had no idea that the next 12 years would take me to the top of a world-wide multi-million dollar company and introduce me to thousands of amazing, talented and gifted women around the world. I had no idea I would ride a Private Train once owned by an Austrian Prince from Prague to Salzburg, or I would have dinner at the House of Lords with a Lord in London, or I would be pampered and tended by a butler on a yacht cruising from Bora Bora to Papeete.

It’s been said that career transitions are a painful choice to reinvent ourselves. I believe choosing a career in direct sales at any age is the best and most exciting way to reinvent ourselves, and more than ever, there is a need for people to reinvent themselves.

At 60, I discovered no matter what age you are, the people who have strong reasons to change the circumstances in their life, are the ones who succeed.

At my first direct sales conference, I learned the magic words from the Zig Ziglar quote,
“When you help others get what they want, you get what you want.”

I understood the quote, but it wasn’t until I actually began encompassing this quote into my own thoughts, words and actions did I begin to see my own success skyrocket to the top. Knowing I have helped hundreds of women increase their income through direct sales, has helped me know I’m living the good life. What I’ve learned most from this quote is helping other be successful is all about living the good life. So, what is the good life? The good life is all about living your life on purpose!

There’s a quote from Richard Leider, “The good life is a journey of living in the place we belong, with the people we love, doing the right work, on purpose.”

This couldn’t be more appropriate for today’s world. We are living in the times of reinventing ourselves and if you’re 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old you are not immune to these times. If you’re a sixty year old, or you know a 60 year old who is looking for the good life, ask these questions...

Do you love making connections with other like minded people?

Do you love making new friends?

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and never had the chance?

Do you have a lifetime of experiences to share with others?

Are you looking for flexibility to work, have fun and love what you do?

Are you looking to mentor younger women with an amazing opportunity?

Are you looking for extra money to help supplement your income?

Are you connected with many organizations and want to build a business?

The answer to these questions is to reach out! Reach out and join a Direct Sales company and share your experiences, your talents and your knowledge. Be part of an industry that will help you experience the good life! Direct Sales offers you the good life! Direct Sales offers you another life to live! Direct Sales offers you the opportunity to help others and help yourself.

As I have emerged into my corporate consulting and mentoring business my purpose is still to “help others get what they want.” I believe I am living the good life!

I am reminded of the words I read in a recent article from Dara Torres, who was the oldest member of the US Olympia Swim Team at 41!

Dara said, “You don’t ever have to put an age limit on your dreams.”

Love to hear about your "Livin' the good life" in your Direct Sales business.  Leave a comment.


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